Medication for OCD

Today I wanted to share briefly my experience with using medication for OCD. For those who have been around awhile and/or read my book, some of this may sound familiar. Mostly, I want to address some common fears or questions that people might have about taking medication for a mental health condition like OCD.

Does OCD Limit Us?

Earlier this year, I took some online courses on cognitive behavior therapy from the Beck Institute. Most of the people taking these courses, I assume, were therapists or psychologists reviewing or taking extra courses to enhance their practice. I, however, was taking the courses for educational and self-help purposes.  

Why therapy?

Last week I had the opportunity to be on KSL Studio 5 with Brooke Walker (see the clip here). Before actually going on set and getting interviewed, I was given a sample script or list of questions that Brooke might ask me. It turned out that she didn’t really go off the script; having reviewed…