While having obsessive compulsive disorder can be a real drag and not be fun at all, sometimes it is helpful to find the humor in it. At times, this can be hard. So help me here as I make this list—I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments (especially since mine will be mostly contamination OCD related)!

Twenty things that could’ve been invented by someone with OCD

  1. Antibacterial wipes and spray: Because for real. I have used so many of these “just in case” to prevent sickness, clean up messes, sanitize my car…. etc. etc. img_1233
  2. Individually wrapped straws or silverware: Sometimes I go to Costco and have to get one of the not individually wrapped straws and it’s like “what?! Who could have accidentally touched this before me?”
  3. Wet toilet wipes (for wiping yourself): Like a mini shower for your bottom when it needs just a little more than toilet paper.
  4. Bidets: see #3
  5. Automatic hand soap dispensers: You don’t even have to touch the soap! (Oh, and automatic faucets could be included here too)
  6. Hand sanitizer, obviously.
  7. Car back up cameras and blind spot sensors: Now your car can tell you if you are almost hitting someone. You don’t have to feel the sole weight of responsibility!
  8. Automatic car lights: no need to keep checking if you turned off your lights.
  9. Disposable food prep gloves: for raw meat, for cooking for other people, for touching dirty laundry, for packing when you think there might be germs or viruses on things… yeah, I may have overused my food prep gloves.
  10. Any laundry or dish washing machine with a sanitize cycle: Extra peace of mind. And a good way to melt water bottle lids and shrink clothes.
  11. Those face masks that people sometimes wear in airports: because hello, what germs could be on airplanes!? Pretty much any! Also useful if you just came down with the flu while on vacation and must. get. home.
  12. The new security systems with cameras that you can see with your phone: You don’t even need to be home to see who is at your door or what is on your porch. Genius.
  13. Remotely controlled Nest/home thermostat things: Did I turn off the heater? Let me just check…my phone.
  14. Grocery store home delivery: For when you don’t want to contaminate the grocery store with whatever sickness you may or may not have.
  15. Disposable hand towels: Oh heavens, I have spent so much money on these. Because kids are gross and leave mysterious brown stains on normal towels that could be: chocolate, dirt, or something more sinister.
  16. Body wash (versus having to use bars of soap): Because when you really think about it, using one bar of soap to wash your entire body over and over again is kind of gross.
  17. Call your doctor services: No having to go into a doctor’s office? Yes! Avoiding germs? Hooray!
  18. Precooked chicken, sausage, any type of meat: Side stepping the need to use food handling gloves and being able to avoid hand washing one extra time is awesome.
  19. Antiviral tissues: Blow your nose AND kill that cold virus in one fell swoop!
  20. The Internet: the ultimate place to check and seek reassurance for basically anything.

What would you add to the list?!

One thought on “Things that could’ve been invented by someone with OCD”

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t even say this but you do know that “sanatizing” everything just makes super bugs, right? Also, don’t you hate a wet under carriage if using wet wipes or a bedet? And finally just use two bars of soap for #16. Just make sure everyone knows the bar on the left is not for washing your face. 😉

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