Frankly, it’s been a tiring week. Why? Oh, just because I’m a person who lives and exists. You know. Sometimes we get tired. It doesn’t help that the kids have been waking up SO EARLY for no apparent reason (I mean, it’s dark until after 7 am these days, so what the heck is going on?!).


My husband and I had some good chats this weekend about church, life, friendships, etc. so that’s always nice. Sometimes you get so caught up in living that you forget that you married someone because you like talking to them and getting their opinion on things. It’s good to have a live-in support group you can go to for advice or just for someone to listen.

I’ve also been reading. Library books are great because not only are they free, but they also give a you a little push to get them read. The looming due date really helps light a fire under you sometimes. I finished two mental health books, so look for those reviews coming up on the site really soon. I enjoyed both of them for different reasons, and I hope you remember to read or do whatever it is you like to do to keep on learning and educating yourself on what matters to you. It not only gives your mind a good distraction, but it can help with what you are struggling with as well.

Exposures and intrusive thoughts

In regards to OCD, I’m still working on rewearing clothes (as mentioned earlier in the week). Sometimes this is harder than others. I’m also putting into practice some tips from one of the books I read… I won’t talk about it right now because I think the review is coming online tomorrow here! But it’s been super helpful to combat intrusive thoughts… and let’s be real, the intrusive thoughts come. You can’t really control that. So you have to be ready to deal with them without falling back into the compulsions. Eeek! I’m excited to share the book review. You all need to check it out, promise?

Other than that, I’m almost ready to start weaning off of my medication. I’m just finishing up the pills I have left (full strength) and then going down on my fluoxetine dosage gradually. I’ll update on my progress as it happens. Wish me luck! In other news, I’m just going. Life is busy, but busy is good for OCD (as long as you can get out the door… of the bedroom or house, haha).

How are things with y0u? Any experience weaning off medicine?