Ah, this week, where do I begin? Well, I haven’t been feeling as great this week physically, probably because I was trying to eat super well (Whole 30 inspired) and now those 30 days have ended and I’ve been introducing bread, diary, etc. back into my diet.

Either that or I’m just getting more headaches as a random coincidence.

There has also been some stuff with church and life that is heavy but manageable. That’s just how it goes, right?

Doctor visit

As for my obsessive compulsive disorder… my big news is that I have begun the weaning process to get off the fluoxetine! A little bit ago, I went back to my “normal” doctor to get the adjusted prescription, and the nurse/helper/practitioner/whatever she is called and I were chatting. She is awesome, and we have a great rapport. But the point is, she made some comment in regards to my going of meds about hoping I don’t end up “going postal.” I was wondering how she would put it, and somehow that fit fairly well.

I also hope I don’t end up going postal without meds.


I’m glad that my psychologist is encouraging me to wean off my medication, though. It can be such a crutch (and I think it’s made me gain some weight), and it’s good to know that I have gone through my cognitive behavioral therapy so I know ways to manage and fight the OCD without having to take pills. Of course, if I need to go back on medication, I have no problem with that. It’s just that I don’t want to feel dependent on that if I don’t have to be.

Since fluoxetine has a fairly long half life, I don’t expect to notice any major issues right away. My weaning off plan is to go to a half dose for 3 weeks and then a 1/4 dose of what I had been taking for another 3 weeks. Then… no fluoxetine! My psychologist has also assured me that I can increase the frequency of my visits with him if things start getting a little dicey during the process.

Other than that, I’m keeping busy and trying to keep my head above water. Some days that is easier than others!

Have you weaned off a medication for a mental health issue before? How did it go?