I love a new year. I love new calendars and planners (this is not an exaggeration—I got two new calendars plus a planner for Christmas). I love taking time to set goals and reprioritize. I’m not so much a fan of the freezing weather that usually accompanies January, but ah well. Mostly I stay inside so that’s okay.

Goodbye 2016

So…I’m a bit excited for 2017. People were really down on 2016 for some very legitimate reasons, but personally 2016 treated me fairly well. I mean, we got to move into an amazing new house and I worked to get my OCD under control. I feel like I got my life back in 2016, so it wasn’t all bad around these parts. I’m hoping 2017 continues in an upwards trajectory.

Have you made any goals yet? I know it’s still early days in the New Year, so it’s okay if you haven’t gotten that far yet. We haven’t even cleaned up Christmas yet, so maybe I shouldn’t be one to talk.

Happy overwhelmed

Still, my husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary right before New Year’s, and we had a good discussion about goals at dinner. As I started listing off my goals, I got excited but also overwhelmed. Will it be possible to do all of the things I want to do? Will my need to prioritize make it so that the “fun” goals get sidelined while I end up spending most of my time doing the necessary but somewhat tedious things?


How do you prioritize your goals? For instance, I want to keep on top of my calling, figure out some behavioral issues with my son, exercise 6 days a week, continue this blog, and do some other writing things… but I also want to play musical instruments, read at least a book a month, and get better at rock climbing. Certain goals will suck up all the time you give them (ahem writing and Relief Society President calling), so how do you manage to balance those types of goals with the “fun” ones?

I’m open to any advice or ideas on how you keep your goals and priorities in check! How do you maintain balance and stay happy, getting things done that you both want and need to do?

Leave your ideas in the comments! And tell me what your goals are for 2017!