We had some interest and desire to start an online group for LDS people with OCD, so I got it going! If you have OCD and are LDS and would like to connect with others, click HERE to request an invite to our slack community.

The purpose of groups for OCD

I think groups can be so effective and comforting when dealing with OCD. I have really enjoyed going to in person group therapy or just group discussions. Talking about your issues with others who are going through similar struggles helps so much. It makes you feel like you are not alone or strange. Finally, you can see that others are dealing with similar things and just that knowledge can give you strength to keep going.

So often when we try to discuss having OCD with people who do not have the disorder, we experience blank stares or people who try to relate but simply can’t. Hearing general statements of comfort or misguided attempts at help can get so frustrating. But keeping in our problems and not sharing them can also be emotionally destructive and wearing.

LDS OCD group: Mormons with OCD

I highly recommend that you join our online “chat community” (titled Mormons with OCD) if you struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder. The more people we have discussing and getting involved, the better. It is so helpful to bounce ideas off of each other, be heard, listen to others, and ask questions of others who have been “there” or are there currently.


Basically, the group is hosted by Slack and will have channels (like announcements, scrupulosity, contamination, getting help, etc.) where you can post, comment, interact, etc. You can also send direct messages to others in the group. If you join (click HERE) and have questions, just direct message me (as “theocdmormon”).

LDS OCD Online Slack Community

Hopefully this group will be a great resource for all of us who are looking to find other LDS people who have OCD. Join and make it happen!

Have you ever tried group therapy for OCD?

One thought on “Online LDS OCD Group: Mormons with OCD”

  1. Thank you for doing this. I do not have OCD but have a 16-year-old son that does so I’m hoping I can get him involved here in some way (but he’s a stubborn teenager, so we’ll see!). Thanks for being honest and open about your disorder – there comes a strength in sharing with others – and hopefully those who don’t understand will have a greater understanding and develop more empathy for those who suffer.

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