Awhile back, Jamund and I recorded a podcast with Leading LDS about how to more effectively lead those with OCD and anxiety in the Church and how to serve while having anxiety disorders. 

If you’d like to listen, click this link.

Let us know what you think! If you don’t have a hour plus to listen, they’ve included a handy summary with time stamps so you can just fast forward to what topic you’d like to check out!


If you listen to the end, you’ll hear a little bit about our Anxiety Disorders and Mormonism conference. We are currently announcing speakers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So far, we have announced a few and received the topics for two of our keynotes:


Annabella Hagen on “Mindfulness Training for Religious Based Anxiety”

Danna Hartline on “Understanding and Managing Church Trauma”

Jeff Gregson on “Raising Anxiety Resilient Children”

Amanda Ramirez and Tess Collett on “Supporting vs. Enabling a Loved One with Anxiety”


Reid Wilson: “Mastering the Anxiety Game: How and Why to Welcome Your Fears”

Join internationally recognized expert and author, Dr. Reid Wilson, to find out what cutting edge research is showing us about how to handle worry, anxiety, and OCD. You will learn a simple, paradoxical strategy that you can apply moment-by-moment to respond to irrational fears. The four components of this model will be presented. “Step back” refers to gaining perspective in the moment of distress. “Want it” emphasizes how to access an emotional state that is counter to fear. “Step forward” shows you how to face your fears with an aggressive attitude. “Be cunning” suggests specific tactics in the moment of doubt and distress.

Jon Hershfield: “Obsessing about Morality: Being Good without Being Certain”

OCD is characterized by unwanted intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and related repetitive behaviors (compulsions). At the core of OCD is the difficulty navigating uncertainty about the meaning of these thoughts. Some sufferers struggle to tolerate uncertainty about physical health or hygiene, but what do we do when we worry about our moral health, our inherent goodness as people? This talk will demystify moral scrupulosity, or the obsessive concern with one’s morality in the context of OCD.


Tickets are still available here! Early bird pricing only lasts until the end of the month, so get your tickets now!