Despite having tons of things going on in my life (ahem homeschool and just, well, life), ADAM—Teen is still moving forward, and we want you to be a part of it! Tickets are currently for sale, and we don’t want you to wait until the last minute to purchase! Not only because that makes it more stressful for us the week before the conference, but also because it’s nice to plan ahead. Wouldn’t it be great to have that scheduled and get your summer organized now?

When and Where

But really, it is happening on Saturday, August 25, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, and you should get your tickets now. You can buy them here. We’ve included the sales tax in the price, so you don’t have to be surprised when you’re checking out (and we don’t have to be surprised when Utah wants their taxes!).

It is the Saturday immediately following Education Week at BYU, so if you like to head to Provo for that, this is a great add on activity for you and your teens! Or, if you are a teen reading this, for you and your parents! Or just you! Teens can come solo!

We basically have all the speakers and talks lined up, and they are AWESOME. I’ll announce a few of them now and a few more later…


Guess what! I’m going to be the opening keynote! I am really pumped about this because I get to talk about all* (*many) of the things that we couldn’t fit into talks throughout the day. It’s going to be good. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I just became a certified Youth Mental Health First Aider, and I learned so many amazing things that gave me inspiration for this talk.

The closing keynote will be a special screening of “Angst,” an amazing film that recently was released about anxiety in teens. The narrator of the film, Jenny Howe, will be there to talk to us and answer questions.

Breakout Talks

We will have tracks for youth and parents/loved ones. I will announce details for the parents later, but as for the teens…. we will have talks on:

Navigating Church, School, and Social Life with school psychologist Bryan Young.

Self Harm and Suicide with Jonathan Hankins, QMHA and National Council for Behavioral Health Certified Instructor.

Social Media and Mental Health with Anxiety in Teens founder Solome Tibebu.

Plus at least one or two more!


We will announce these in more detail later, but we plan to have hands-on therapy workshops so teens can see what therapy is like and what it entails.

Success Stories

Oh man, we have so many incredible people who have volunteered from the community to share their stories about living with anxiety and mental illness as teens and how they got help and made it through.

Support Groups

I’m currently working through the logistics of this, but ideally we want to have support groups for everyone (including loved ones) to share their stories with each other under the supervision of trained counselors and therapists. This will be a great introduction to what group therapy is like.


There will be a provided box lunch and time to hang out and eat!

Are you coming? Get your tickets now!