It was either around the time I sent in my book to publishers or when the book got accepted for publication that I had the thought that I had started a journey without knowing the final destination, set a ball rolling, etc. I distinctly knew that I had started something without knowing what repercussions and consequences would follow. Even so, I felt like I needed to do it. I needed to take the step and see what happened. I had to take it one day at a time, letting things unfold how they may.

And Still Going

Fast forward to now. My book is out in the world. The blog continues in a slow, plodding way, and my social media outreach is also chugging along. It is almost time for our first conference, Anxiety Disorders and Mormonism (you can still get tickets!). I’ve written more books. We have plans for more conferences.

It’s not all easy and wonderful, as I’ve mentioned before. There are people who don’t think I am doing the right things or the necessary things. That’s okay. I’m doing what I can, what I think I am skilled to do, and what I want to do. Sadly, some people are not going to think it’s enough or the right way. Others don’t even think mental illnesses are real or important to discuss.


And some people rightly want the discussion to broaden and include more than just anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I think that’s important too. There are more mental health disorders than just those related to anxiety. Trust me, I know. I have friends and family members. I got the DSM-5 for Christmas. There are a lot of disorders and mental health struggles, and there should be discussions about them in general and related to Mormonism specifically.

The Mighty is a great community that discusses mental and physical illnesses and conditions in a general way. I highly recommend going there if you want to learn about other mental illnesses or chronic conditions or are suffering from them.

Mental Health and Mormonism?

In regards to a discussing other mental illnesses in relation to Mormonism, we are a bit more limited in our resources. If you know of any such resources, please let me know, and I’ll compile a list for everyone to access. If you suffer from another mental illness and are willing to share your story in relation to how it affects being Mormon and vice versa, please email me at theocdmormon at gmail dot com. You can do it anonymously or we can include your name.

I’d love to provide a safe space and expand the blog to be a resource for mental illnesses and Mormonism in general—but I hesitate to do so on my own considering my current lack of expertise regarding other mental illnesses. We need the discussion to be inclusive, real, accurate, and meaningful—and so we need people who are dealing with these issues personally and are willing to open up! Psychologists and others are also welcome to comment or email me about their ideas and concerns.

Thank you so much and let’s see where this rolling ball ends up 🙂